view of virtual object 64 samples

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64 Samples: Wired & Dangerous website

Communication about documenting the work on the Wired & Dangerous website. This no longer exists, beither does the Wired & Dangerous page on the BraunArts website so we scanned in the original Wired & Dangerous leaflet instead, as no other record of the event remains.

Organiser’s communication (2000):

I put in a link to 64 samples on the get wired website ( but at the moment it just goes to your main website. It would be great if possible to have a link direct to a version of 64 samples. Have a look and see what you think.

We're also developing a legacy section on the Get Wired site—where we will put in some of the spin offs + a where are they now? type scenario. If you have anything you'd like to contribute to that that would be great.

Retrospective (2021):

Arts projects in general suffer from changing websites and redesigns, often deleting the original pages or leaving no forwarding or redirects to the original pages or website. Now that no longer exists, so in 2021 we’ve gathered all the material here to preserve a full record of The Emergency Art Lab’s 64 Samples at the Wired & Dangerous event, plus other detais about the conference.