emergency art lab

performance dates:

March 23 [fri]
Boogie wonderland
Junction, Cambridge, UK

April 7 [sat]
Pop centrum 013, Tilburg, Holland

April 28 [sat]
Dot cotton
Junction, Cambridge, UK


club confessional

live digital performance art

The e-artlab designed - and the Junction built - a soundproof private booth in the form of a white cube and placed it on the dancefloor in a nightclub.

Outbursts, confessions, or showing off were all projected large and soundless in the club. Audio was remixed and played back away from the dancefloor in bars, staircases and corridors.

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coat pegs

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the Junction, Cambridge

Pop Centrum 013, Holland

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original booth sketch

original proposal

leaflet, poster, some pics

about e-artlab

people entering the booth at 013 in Holland